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Create & Sell Challenges to clients and easily manage them within one agency dashboard.

Creators, business owners, Institutions, consultants and large companies are realizing they need training courses.

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To Educate:

More and more people are moving away from traditional education and instead they are getting an education on their mobile device, tablet or laptop.

And entrepreneurs who are selling digital training products on websites like Clickbank, Udemy or JVZoo are making a killing.

To Sell:

Online Education is larger than ever and it's only growing. Businesses who want to jump on this trend but don’t knowhow - they need help.

Entrepreneurs are realizing this and selling ‘completed’ membership sites to businesses that are ‘sales ready’ out the gate.

To Systematize:

With more of the world working from home than ever before.

It’s important to a business that they systemateize their training & in-house education.

They need a software with private access to do all of that.

Join The Challenges Revolution

The ultimate system for running your own ‘Results-Based’ Learning Experience consultancy & profiting big time.

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3 Ways You Profit:

Sell Challenges & Courses

Create and then sell challenges to clients. Take their videos, load them into your Challenges software. Customize the Branding.

Sell each challenge for $497. It takes minutes to Create. You can build 2 a week and generate $4000/pm

Create then manage Challenges & Courses

You can get paid to setup a challenge for a creator or a business. Get paid $497 for setup fee and charge $197 per month in management fees. Generate up to $18,912/pm within your first year

There are large organizations all around the world who spend millions of dollars on manual staff training programs. These programs are stuck in the past – they require employees of the company to manually train new recruits. For example IBM was doing this and saved over $200,000,000 dollars by switching their systems to e-learning.

The more money you can save a business, the more money you can charge for the solution. You can go into large businesses and offer to help them or consult them on setting up new internal e-learning training systems. As a result of helping them you can charge $10,000+ to these big companies because your solution offers a huge amount of value to them. I don’t recommend jumping into this right away. This is for experienced agents who have already sold membership solutions to smaller companies. Larger consulting like this require a higher level of experience which you can only get by first selling to smaller companies.

Create Challenges & Sell Them To Creators & Businesses For Profit!

Problem is: Traditional agencies charge $5000 - $25,000 for custom made, often ugly training sites. Then on top of that they charge thousands to manage the sites or make future changes.

Businesses shouldn’t have to fork out tens of thousands of dollars and wait weeks for an agency to build them a challenge or course.

You can help them by being their trustworthy guide. Creating challenges or courses for them. Eliminating the hassles and expense.

Joint Venture With Creators

Partner with a creator and build your challenges & courses together. Automatically charge and divide money between you and the creator. Earn 50% on what every member pays monthly.

For example: Generate 1000 members paying $97/per month. You get 50%. You make $43,500/pm from one membership joint venture.

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Introducing ‘Challenges Agency’

Join the Challenges Consulting Revolution

Attract clients
Sell Challenges & Courses
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A Proven ‘Turn Key’ Consulting Franchise At Your Finger Tips.

Access a proven system of selling challenges & courses to businesses, creators and consultants. Follow the system we’ve laid out for you and use the tools. Everything is laid out professionally in an easy to navigate Agency area within your Challenges by Member App software.

Feature release date: 25th May

Your Own Client Management Dashboard

Run your agency from right within your own client management dashboard. This is your command center dedicated to helping you to sell challenges & courses as a service.

Assign different challenges & courses to clients.

Assign sub-users to the projects of your choice. All within one easy to use dashboard.

Feature release date: 1st June

Charge & Invoice Clients From Right Inside Your App

When a business is ready to pay you for their challenges or courses you can process their payment right within the software.

Simply add their name & email address. The software creates a special link you can send them to pay or you can send them an email with an invoice attached. Every invoice has a date and time which can be setup to expire at your chosen time.

Feature release date: 10th June

Joint Partnership Contracts

Partner with other creators through virtual joint contracts.

Divide up the money you make from selling your courses based on an agreed on % automatically within Member App.

Collaborate With Clients On Projects

You can now add a client into the challenges or courses you’ve created with them. This gives them limited access to review manage members and add sections, lessons or content to their campaigns. The ‘Client Area’ your clients will view is branded to your company.

Feature release date: 25th May

Rebrand Your Client Campaign Dashboard

You can completely rebrand your agency dashboard so all sub-users and clients aren’t aware of any attachment to Member App. You can add your own domain and add your dashboard to the website of your choice.

Easily Manage Client Campaigns Within Your Member App Dashboard

You or your team can now manage all of your clients through one easy to use dashboard.

Login to a clients challenge or course campaigns, make changes or manage users. Get paid a management fee for maintaining a clients campaign and ensuring it remains active.

Team Management

Add sub-users to help you to manage your campaigns or clients campaigns.

Add up to 5 sub-users per client account.

Choose which campaigns your sub-users can access and manage. Choose what permissions within each challenge or course they have access to.

Scale Your Agency & Sell Your Campaigns Directly To Clients

You can now pre-create campaigns, courses or challenges. Then sell them to clients. You can transfer these campaigns directly over to clients accounts with sections, lessons and videos included.

This incredible upgrade helps you to scale your agency and even create niche specific templates you can fill-in for businesses then sell as a ‘cookie cutter’ online campaign.

Complete Agency Resources

You’re going to be armed with everything that you need to maximize your agencies effectiveness.

You’ll receive contracts, pricing guidelines, strategy documents & sales scripts.

Everything is rebrandable and helps you to present yourself as a professional “sought after“ agency.

Agency Community Access Pass

You’re getting access to a special agency Facebook group.

In this group you can discuss ideas, meet other like-minded consultants.

This will be a great place to ask any questions and get support from the community as you grow your agency.

Monthly Coaching & Training Calls (3 months)

You’re going to receive 3 monthly live coaching calls.

Each call will go through a different way of generating clients and automating the way you’re running your agency.

You can ask any questions on these calls and be provided answers to new questions that might come up over the first 3 months of selling challenges or courses to creators, businesses and consultants.

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Attention: If you’ve upgraded to All Access then you’ll receive these agency features for both challenges & courses. You can use agency with all of your ‘All Access’ features so both you and your clients benefit.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will Agency always be this price?

No! In fact soon the price will be increasing to $997. We're building this into a larger package we hope to sell to professional agencies for $1997/yearly.
You're helping us to refine and improve the package as a founding member which is why you can benefit and get in at such a steep discount.

Is there any kind of gurantee?

Yes! There is a 30 day refund guarantee available when you purchase this upgrade. If this doesn’t immediately help you to improve student results and create then sell challenges effectively. Simply give us an email to [email protected] or submit a support ticket to our help desk at within 30 days and we will provide you with a full refund.

When will I see these features in my account?

One of the reasons we’re not selling this package for $1997 right now is that some of the features inside aren’t yet released.
These features include: Agency dashboard, JV partnership contracts & Client invoicing.
These features will be rolled out after launch into your account on the 25th May, 1st June & 15th of June. As we continue to improve the agency package and make updates to it. The price will increase until it’s selling for a yearly cost of $1997. Get in today to secure your lifetime deal..
All of the other features relating to agency that aren’t mentioned above will be added to your account immediately upon purchase. Your account will be upgraded to an Agency account immediately as well.

Is there any training included with this package?

Yes! We will be adding more and more training into the Agency package in the future because it’s the most popular way Member App users make money with Member App. From the 1st of July when all features have been added into your account I’ll be running webinars every 2 weeks helping you to sell this agency package. You’ll be automatically registered for these webinars when you purchase Agency today.

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